Get Connected!

Membership in the Kingsburg District Chamber of Commerce opens up a world of networking, advertising, marketing and public relations opportunities to help your business grow and flourish in Kingsburg. Here are some of the member benefits you'll enjoy...


  • Bi-Monthly Educational and Networking Mixers - 3rd Tuesday of every month
    5:00pm (members can sponsor an event)
  • Bi-Monthly Professioanlism Business Seminars. Featuring topics detrimental to business success

Exposure & Advertising

  • Your company listed on our website
  • Your events will appear on the chamber calendar and promoted through our weekly email blasts
  • The Kingsburg business directory is published in November and distributed throughout the city

Why The Chamber?

  • The Chamber establishes partnerships to ensure Kingsburg's economic competiveness
  • The Chamber promotes and represents the area's economy
  • Building a strong community is vital to the growth of businesses. (If your business is thriving and those around you are not, it will affect you)
  • Our policies and programs are determined by a Board of Directors, elected by the membership
  • The Board of Directors employs staff to organize and execute the Chamber's Mission

Our Goals

  • Establish partnerships with leaders from other chambers, economic development organizations and governments
  • Promote Kingsburg and advocate completion and implementation of the Swedish Village concept
  • Influence policy to make Kingsburg a more Business-friendly community
  • Strive to make Kingsburg a safer, cleaner and more beautiful place where business people and residents want to shop and do business

Let the Kingsburg Chamber of Commerce help you build and grow YOUR business.

Membership in the Kingsburg District Chamber of Commerce is an investment in the future of your business that will really pay off!

Connie L. Hurtado
Executive Director, Kingsburg District Chamber of Commerce